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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and visit to see my hot tub before placing my order?

Absolutely - Majority of our hot tub range is available for viewing in our Ireland showroom 5 days a week.

All suppliers are promising great after-sales service, how are you different?

Our customer service are one of our top priorities here at TheHotTubSupercentre, which can be seen from our customer reviews. We have tried our hardest to make the maintenance of your hot tub as easy to learn as it is to do by creating step by step instructions from how to operate your hot tub correctly, to how to use our chemicals. These can all be viewed on

Some Hot Tubs online are extremely cheap and others the opposite, whats the difference?

Our Hot Tubs vary with investment in good insulation, quality of shell and a modern spa system as well as having powerful hydrotherapy jets/pumps all have an impact on the total price of your hot tub. ​ Unfortunately from some dealerships, prices can look too good to be true. Our hot tubs come with our own personal Warranty as well as your manufactures warranty which gives you peace of mind that we have your back for any unlikely problems that could occur with your brand new hot tub. For more information on our T&C's and Warranty.

Does our hot tub arrive assembled prior?

Yes - Chosen extra's including steps and cover lifters will be assembled by our team while your hot tub is filling.

What do the divertors/knobs on top of my tub do?

These all control various sections of your tub, so by moving this either clockwise or anti-clockwise will divert water flow. The larger divertors will divert the main flow whilst the smaller ones are typically specific boosts for each seat or to control waterfall features. 

Why is my water going cloudy?

These are small particles which make it look cloudy and just need an oxidiser or shock treatment to solve. This will clear this up when the tub filters. To purchase a Non Chlorine Shock, simply visit our online shop.

How much chlorine do I need to use or add?

As explained by the install team, this can vary, however please refer to the chemical advice leaflet for more information on this.

How do I drain my hot tub?

Your tub will have a drainage cap placed towards the bottom section of one of the side panels.

What do I do if I have a question that isn’t stated here?q

Please be advised that there are many more questions that you may have for your new spa or its upkeep. You can find answers to these across on our Aftercare Page, placed on our website. Please do not raise a ticket for anything until you have made sure that this answer is not on the list.

What else do I need for preparing for our hot tub?

We have a simple preparation video as well as help and advice for you to view across at

I am looking to have a gazebo/overhead shelter for our hot tub, what should come first?

We strongly advise getting your new hot tub installed prior to placing gazebo's/overhead shelters. This is so the nature of our install team unfortunately not being able to fit the hot tub under. ​ Depending on the dimensions of your selected hot tub, it could be possible. If you're unsure, please give us a call on 1800 817 343

Do you have any maintenance tips and advice?

Absolutely - you can visit our website for a full gallery of the up-keep for your hot tub.

How do I remove foam from my tub?

There are many things that can cause foamy water, some of the most common being Personal Care Products such as makeup, conditioner and shampoo. Others being laundry detergent, soap or miss-spilled beverages are all major culprits. To help remove the build up, using chemicals such as Anti-Foam will help shock the water back to help remove all excess foam! Visit where you can find all our recommended products.

My bluetooth is not connecting, how can I fix this?

Disconnect and forget all recent devices, switch off the tub at the main socket/isolator and leave for 5 min. Turn back on, search for device and enter passcode.

Is it normal for jets to turn on themselves?

Yes, the tub will do this when heating at random times or during a filter cycle.

Some of my jet discs do not seem to have any flow of water coming out, how do i fix this?

So chances are that this jet has just been turned off accidentally. To turn on again, simply turn the jet clockwise and it will activate. The jets can also come completely off (for cleaning), so if this has occurred then simply screw back in until you feel it click back into place.

Do you still have a question remaining unanswered?

Get in contact, we're open 5 days a week so give us a call on 1800 817 343.


Pre-Install Guide

Here you will find our Pre-Installation Guide, in here we explain everything that needs to be in place before our installation teams arrival. Please download this prior to installation.