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Delivery Program

 ✔ £5 discount per order
 ✔ Free delivery
 ✔ Free access to O-Care app ✔ A subscription will provide 12 years of clean water to a person and family in a developing country because O-Care is a proud supporter of  



AUTOMATIC Delivery Program

Easy to use hot tub chemical solution. 
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Terms & Conditions

1. For customers who sign up a payment of £74.90 (Normally £79.90) will be taken by credit or debit card on the frequency which is needed for the model of hot tub.   
2. You may choose to cancel your O-Care Plan at any time by contacting our office.   
3. The extended pump warranty is only available for new hot tubs purchased from American Hot Tubs which are on the O-Care plan and is a parts only extended warranty and no extended labour warranty is given and such will remain as per standard warranty terms.   
4. The extended warranty is only valid whilst the plan is active, and if the plan is cancelled the warranty is immediately invalidated.   
5. O-Care is not a substitute for a sanitiser so a suitable sanitiser must still be used.